About us

Maiwand Mutahed, a name forged with dignity and trust, has indefatigably endeavored its way to being second to none in the currency exchange business in Afghanistan, with the top-notch management team  unparalleled experience and unmatched expertise with regards to banking and currency exchange services all over Afghanistan and abroad, and with the most sophisticated of futuristic machinery and uber-productive personnel is now available and actively conducting business at its full capacity in its brand new main branch in Gulbahar and soon will open its national and international branches.

With a fully-fledged business model and a unique set of experience in all the designated areas of banking and currency exchange, Maiwand Mutahed is honored to announce that now it is fully functional in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Maiwand Mutahed of the most prestigious exchange companies in Afghanistan launched and inaugurated in 2022. With over 16 recruits experienced in the banking industry, enhancing the reputation and position of the company in the financial and banking fields. In the second phase, we aim to open a number of branches and recruit more agents to cover our exchange services both nationally and internationally.

Furthermore, the company seeks to expand its financial services through local and international partnerships with the largest financial and banking companies. Maiwand Mutahed is a banking institution that seeks to provide the latest banking services using the most up-to-date machinery and performs operations in accordance with international banking standards. Moreover, it serves the local economy by paving the way and offering new opportunities to leverage our presence and expertise which we take great pride in. Our partners benefit greatly from our large scaled network and our interaction with ideal national and international banks and non-banking institutions, armoring them with all the support they need to have the most reliable service in terms of money transfers and various banking transactions.

Maiwand Mutahed is considered the first non-governmental exchange company established in Kabul. According to the Law of Da Afghanistan Bank, Miwand Mutahed Company is under the direct supervision of the Da Afghanistan Bank.


To provide the most invaluable currency exchange service to the customers by creating value and providing a variety of remittance options to choose from, and to streamline customers’ access to both national and international money. And make Maiwand Mutahed a well-known trademark in this field by utilizing highly inspired, black-belted, and professional staff who can provide a convenient and hassle-free environment to the customers to efficiently perform their transactions.


As second to none and most ideal exchange company in Afghanistan it is our vision to be the customers’ choicest preference with regards to currency exchange and money remittance services by perpetual improvement in our services using futuristic technology, by recruiting professional and courteous personnel, and by providing innovative options to at least meet or exceed the customers’ expectations.


Developed and managed by experienced professionals who are considered to be the most uber-productive experts in the field of money exchange, abiding by the highest standardized moral of conduct, transparent in terms of transactions and interactions with employees, customers, and business partners, and supported by the patronage of our loyal customers:

  • Integrity: Earn the trust and respect of our shareholders
  • Teamwork: share a uniform vision
  • Customer Excellence: The customer is the most invaluable currency for our organization
  • Innovation: Redefine the customer experience and rate their preference
  • Social Commitments: Actively fulfill social responsibilities as a member of the community

Organizational chart

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